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As a 5-Star Zillow Realtor, I have managed over $20 Million in real estate transactions. It doesn’t cost any more to do a fabulous job than an average one, so why not strive for 120% every time? Whether you are selling or looking for your next home, I am always accessible and will be working hard for you every step along the way. Still not sure? Check out my client reviews.

My thoughts about Thanksgiving 2017

Do you ever feel like life is going 100mph? I feel like during the holiday season it speeds up even more and we all try to fit so much in. We got to see everyone, buy gifts, decorate the house and before we know it we are in first week of January thinking how did [...]

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Your strength can help others

We never know what people are going through or what encouragement someone might need. What I want to share to you today is what a strong person you are! Some of you have faced many storms; some of you are struggling right now. You might be feeling down, maybe because you have lost a loved [...]

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How to Handle Home Inspections

As a home owner it’s hard to deal with repair requests because you’ve already spent time and money on your home over the years plus what you've done to prepare your home for the market. And, there are times a buyer is wanting more than what seems reasonable. I want to help you be prepared [...]

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Tips to save 30 percent on your energy costs

According to the Department of Energy, winter drafts can waste up to 30% of your indoor heating. If you’re spending $200/month to heat your home (and who isn’t?), that's $720 a year in savings! Try this checklist of easy fixes to reduce your electric bill this winter: Caulk the tiny gaps. Gaps around doors and [...]

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Portland Real Estate Market Update!

I have been noticing a shift in the market from what we experienced in the spring and I've been having conversations with multiple realtors. Turns out, we're all on the same page; the market is slowing for homes that are priced above $500K. For example, in Bethany where I currently live, one home has been [...]

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Home Sells QUICKLY!

With school starting and Indian Summer on the horizon, you’ve still got a window of peak selling time left to sell your home. We are seeing a SLIGHT slow-down, so the purpose of this article to help you be sure you’re keeping up with your competition. Boost that Curb Appeal Buyers look up properties online [...]

Three Must Do Inspections

Did you know that there are out of pocket expenses beyond from closing costs that you’ll need to plan for when you purchase a home?  Most of the first-time buyers I work with don’t. They think their minimum down payment is the only out of pocket expense they need to cover and are always a [...]

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Why It’s Important to Analyze Repairs Before You Make an Offer

I want to share something that will ensure a smooth closing on a purchase of your new home. It’s really important that you analyze the home you want and bring up issues before you make an offer that gets accepted. Sellers tend to be offended when they accept an offer from buyers who wrote a [...]

What’s the Real ROI on that Remodel ?

Are you thinking about remodeling your home to increase its value? Maybe you’re considering a kitchen overhaul, updating the bathrooms or installing new windows or roof. After speaking with an expert and doing some research, I came to the conclusion that remodeling will make your home more attractive, but in most cases you will not [...]

Worried about a crash? It’s not going to happen in Portland!

I’ve noticed a trend recently where some clients want to sell their current home and then decide to not to buy a new home because they think the market is going to crash in a year or so. No one can predict what the market is going  to do, but I don’t see a downturn [...]

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