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The process of selling my condo with Logan was fantastic. His ability to think critically and strategically is bar none. Logan was able to come into the condo, see the layout and what was done (paint, improvements, etc…) to give an accurate value he felt we could sell for. This value did not come out of thin air either; he backed it up with market information by comparing the condo to other like units in the area. Luckily there were several for him to do that with.

The timing of the sale was perfect. We sold for $5K over asking and the sale went smoothly because Logan stepped in when he needed to and represented us to the best of his ability. I couldn’t have asked for a better process or a better realtor. Logan is not in it for the money (even though it is good) but he is in it for the relationships and educating others on how to best represent themselves in a sale.

Whether you are buying or selling, Logan will make sure the investment you make is sound. You will get top dollar for your sale or your dollar will go far during a purchase. I would recommend him to all my family members and friends, – and I already have.

– Mr. Daoud

Logan was the best choice of realtor we could have had. It was my first time buying a home and he made sure I understood the entire process. Buying a house right now can be a stressful process but Logan took all of that away. He made it fun and kept us as his main focus whenever we needed him. One of the stand out things about Logan is that he would turn US away from houses. If we liked one, he would share his thoughts and say we can do better.

It’s not everyday that you have such an honest person who’s got your back. Something else that was super stand out about Logan: when we were getting a little down about the process with our builder (he was super difficult) Logan kept OUR spirits up. We were in communication with him most every day till our house closed. He has turned into a great friend and will be part of our lives from here on out. We didn’t just get a home, we got an amazing realtor, a wonderful experience and an awesome friend out of it. Anyone would be lucky to hire Logan!!!

– Tami and Sean

My wife and I were first time home buyers, oblivious to how the home buying process worked. With gusto and patience Logan made the entire process less overwhelming and surprisingly simple to understand. Compared to numerous other agent’s we interacted with Logan was lightning fast to respond, always had a positive attitude and was passionate about finding us the right home. He never pressured us to decide on a home, and even flat out told us not to even make an offer on some because they were overpriced or did not fit our needs.

Buying our first home was a genuinely enjoyable experience with Logan. We will certainly be recommending him to all of our friends and family in the future! Our Home Buying Story: We had our initial meeting in January to discuss our budget, requirements and location for the new home. With our low budget and high requirements it seemed rather unrealistic that we were going to find a dream home for our first home, especially in the highly sought after Portland area market. After submitting multiple offers on homes where we were slightly outbid, we found the perfect home. It was “the one”, it had everything we wanted. Small quiet neighborhood, close to I-5, open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, etc.. It was on the upper end of our price range so we made the best offer we could. Logan always told us to make the best offer we are comfortable with, never pressuring us into something we could not afford.

On May 1st we put in our best offer. On May 2nd we received the news that, out 11 offers we were the 3rd highest. We were outbid by over $10k. When Logan gave us the news were were understandably disappointed. Then the conversation turned from disappointment to ecstatic excitement when he said that our offer was accepted! Even though we were not the highest offer the seller accepted our offer. Later when asking why the seller accepted our offer they said it was the passionate attitude, excellent communication and genuine personality of our humble real estate agent, Logan that made our win. Thank you again Logan for all of your hard work helping us find our dream home!

– Walcott family

Logan was great guiding us through the selling and buying process. He was responsive, answered our multitude of questions and had our best interests at heart. We appreciated Logan’s home building background and relied on it both in selling and purchasing our new home. I would highly recommend Logan as a realtor.

– Stephanie Jensen

I’m not sure I can express how integral Logan was to the successful purchase of our home. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the Portland housing market. His commitment to his clients is relentless, he was so dedicated to my families search that I can honestly tell you he became an honorary  member of our family. Logan helped us write the perfect offer, making sure we didn’t give away to much. He constantly proved invaluable in this process, his contacts and assets were all just as incredible as he was.

Every person he recommended to us lived up to his example of the gold standard. He saved us money, so much money! And more important then that, he found us our dream home. As you can probably tell by this review we loved our experience with Logan, he’s always got a positive and happy demeanor. One thing I can promise you; if you choose to work with Logan Gerritz, you have found your realtor for life. I know my family has.

– Land family

Logan, I just want to put in writing the experience we have had working with you on both our home sale and purchase. As 30-year sales leader, one thing that is vital to me is attention to detail and follow up, and these are two areas where you EXCEL!

Having bought and sold many homes, nothing is more frustrating than a lack of honest and transparent communication with your realtor. I would also say that your attitude carries the day, and when combined with your integrity and winning spirit, I know you will have a very successful career. I encourage any prospective clients to call me personally if they would like more input.

Bob Brossman

I agree with Bob’s assessment of our experience with you Logan. You have been enjoyable to work with on our purchase, as well as the sale of our current house. We never had to guess or wonder; you were on top of every detail making the experience that much easier for us.

On top of your sunny disposition and honesty, which is what attracted me at our first meeting, you possess the maturity, knowledge and skills needed to manage the details from start to finish in a professional manner. I would highly recommend you for future opportunities, as it has been a real pleasure working with you on ours.

Have a great day!
Beverly Brossman

We wanted to invest in property in Portland, where a daughter is now living. We used Logan through the recommendation of a co-worker of a friend.

House hunting from 3000 miles away, even with on-line resources and a family member locally, is a daunting task. You need an agent who will (1) communicate effectively with you; (2) be responsive to what you are looking for in a property (and price); and (3) represent your interests when it comes to bidding and negotiating. Logan did all for us at a high level.

My wife spent extensive time on-line looking at properties and sending them on. Logan made sure our daughter saw those plus others he found and kept up a steady stream of emails to keep us informed.

We bid on one house we did not get following Logan’s recommendation on top price. It was a decision we totally agreed with. It gave us more confidence in Logan as he made sure we did not overpay. Our second attempt was successful. There were a few glitches with the owners, nothing major, but they could have been if not for Logan representing our interests. He even provided local resources for a few things we wanted to get done on the house soon after taking possession.

Our daughter has been living in the house a month and we couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks to Logan it was a successful experience for us and wouldn’t have happened in the crazy Portland housing market without his work and guidance. We highly recommend his services.

-Kate & Rick Keller

Logan went above and beyond our expectations. I made several calls regarding houses for sales, had a few realtors offer to show us some listings, but Logan was the only one who really listened to what we wanted, was patient throughout our search and kept our needs as top priority over the many months we were looking. He is also enthusiastic and fun to be around, making our search even more fun…I would highly recommend him. He made our house hunting fun and easy!

– Britta & Greg Cabanos

I really appreciate all your hard work on helping me obtain my very first home. From the struggle to getting my pre-approval to the endless obstacles we had faced to close, you were always super attentive and quick to respond. Not only did you get the job done, your upbeat personality has always made times less stressful. Thank you for striving to do your best to keep the team on point. This journey has been a long strenuous ride, but it was definitely worth riding it out with your help. I will always recommend you to other people and I’m sure they will have a wonderful experience with you, as did I.

– Kim Yung


Kyle and I just want to start by saying thank you! You are an amazing person and have made this entire experience so stress free and easy. We don’t know what we would have done without you. We know we were not your only clients (sometimes we forgot!) but you certainly made us feel that way. You never made us feel like you were in a hurry or had something else to do. We appreciated your complete honestly and input about the properties we saw. Kyle and I both know we ask a lot of questions but you always made time for us and never made us feel like they were a waste of your time. We truly felt like you had our best interest at heart.

We never felt rushed to make a decision even though we are in a competitive market. Because of you we didn’t just find a house, we found a home we will live in for a long time. You made this entire experience smooth and worry free. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or build their dream home. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you for everything,
Amy and Kyle Duggan

How do I explain Logan as a realtor? I think I should first explain how my wife and I felt after our first sit down meeting with him. We walked away smiling and saying to each other that this is someone we want to work with, not someone we have to work with to find our home.

His attitude and demeanor are great. Logan is someone you can talk to and feel comfortable around. One thing he said that really stuck with me was “I am here to find you a home, not a house.” To me a home is more personal than calling it a house. A home is what you come to at the end of the day and feel comfortable in.

Logan was there from the beginning, giving us advice if we needed it and being a friend, not just a business associate. Logan is a friend you invite over to the house for get togethers and send pictures to during holidays and anytime of the year.

He is very knowledgeable and has a family background in construction. If we needed to get a hold of him he was there in an instant. He also said that once we get into our home, he would still be there to lend us advice. He is not here for a quick commission and then onto the next client. He is here for the long haul.

We thank you so much for all that you have done by getting us into our home and making sure it is where we wanted to be.

Eric Met

It can be difficult finding the right real estate agent, someone who has the same goals as you and keeps all of your interests in mind while building and selling a home. Logan was an amazing real estate agent and he made it clear that he would not let me buy a house that I do not absolutely fall in love with.

He was very patient in helping me find a home and did not pressure me to buy just to make a sale. Rather, he suggested that I wait until I knew I was ready to make the investment. When Logan and I were looking at homes, he always made sure I was getting the best valued product for my investment.

Even though he builds custom homes himself, he was willing to look at other houses that were being built by different contractors. For instance, he insisted I buy a house that backs up to a greenbelt and not buy the house closest to the main street, because this will help me get the biggest return on my investment when it comes time to sell my house.

I would recommend Logan for all of your real estate needs, whether it is selling your house or buying a new home.

Andy Dingler

Buying a home was a pleasant experience only because of Logan. His positivity was infectious. He was efficient and prompt in getting things done. He was in constant communication with us as well as other parties involved. Logan’s experience and keen eye for detail helped us while we were contemplating between two properties.

Logan immersed himself in searching for a perfect home for us. Through this whole process he has become a good friend! Thank you for all your help, Logan!

– Raksha and Karthic Rathnam

Logan, working with you has been such a joy. We have worked with quite a few other realtors before and never felt we were getting the service we needed, but you know what you are doing and it’s clear that everything you said or did was always in our best interest.

This is something that is not a common trait in your industry, unfortunately. Thank you for all you have done for us!

Evan Gremillion

Thank you Logan for making the whole house hunting process so easy and fun! It has truly been a joy working with you and your positive and enthusiastic personality! We can’t wait to move in and have you over for a celebratory toast!

Helen Gremillion

My experience with Logan:

After nearly 18 months of looking online on Redfin, I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and get serious about buying. At first I was torn between a realtor with 30+ years experience and Logan, a young enthusiastic realtor with whom I attended college with. In college Logan was known to be a very hardworking and outgoing individual. Among his best traits, respect, love, and trust. A quick walk down memory lane made my choice of a realtor easy. I knew that I could trust Logan. I could trust that he would not only work hard to put me in a house, but would see to it that I bought a house in my comfort level and that I could lovingly make my home.

Logan helped me quickly find exactly what I was looking for. The entire process was painless and went so smoothly I was almost concerned. This was far from one of those horror story first time home buying situations where everything goes a rye.

I have been happily living in my first home for four months. Logan’s traits continue to make my experience pleasurable and our friendship unforgettable.

Thanks Logan!
Brett Griffin

Finding Logan and choosing him to be our real estate agent was a stroke of great luck. We found him really easy to work with and established a great working relationship with him from the beginning. Logan took the time to listen to us and actually understand our needs and wants.

He understood not only our immediate needs but also our future ones. He pointed out things that could be an issue not only for living in the house but also for potential resale. For example, we didn’t know that a steep driveway or high front staircase could significantly reduce the value of the home if we decided to sell it later – but Logan did and steered us away from a potential mistake.

We appreciated Logan’s respect of our time. He has an in-depth knowledge of the Portland market, including the pros and cons of each neighborhood, and knows about a variety of available properties. After seeing a few homes with us, he knew exactly what we were looking for, where we would feel comfortable living and narrowed his search to match our needs. Once we found the right property for us, he negotiated a great price and again was respectful of our needs throughout the process.

Logan helped us find a mortgage agent, movers and stayed with us through the entire process. He was so patient, very responsive, always communicated with us and was always available. We highly recommend Logan to anyone!

Working with Logan was a great experience. His knowledge of residential development really helped me in deciding which home would likely give me the greatest return when I am ready to sell. Not only do I now have a home that I love, it has already gone up in value!

My thanks to Logan; he made this process smooth and connected me with a lender who gave me the best financing options available. I recommend Logan to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home.

Working with Logan Gerritz as our realtor was a great experience for us! As we were moving from another state, Logan coordinated all aspects of the inspections and on-site follow-up visits.

His experience in the construction field was also quite helpful when it came to evaluating some structural questions at the property. Our transaction went smoothly and Logan’s never-wavering upbeat personality can’t be beat. We highly recommend him and would use him again for future real estate needs.

-Mindy O. and Ron M.

Logan helped us buy our custom dream home in the Cedar Mill area in 2015. He was always super responsive to all our questions throughout the buying process. He was always well informed about the market and what a good price for the property may be. He was really helpful when there were issues with the easement on our property and worked very hard to resolve all the issues and we closed our deal ahead of time!

Not only is Logan an extremely capable realtor, he is also a great guy to work with. He is highly approachable and always makes time to talk to his clients. We were very happy with the whole process and ended up recommending Logan to some of our family members who eventually bought homes with Logan’s help in the Bethany area. We’d love to work with Logan again in the future!

Gautam & Babita